Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Greetings from Park City!
It has been a while since we posted last, and so much has happened!
I am posting some pictures from the photo shoot that took place showcasing some of our great summer clothes and Jewelry.

For those of you who don't know, we moved to Park City from Salt Lake City in late December.
It has been a perfect fit and we have decided to stay.

This model is showing off a pair of our sassy shorts on the town lift bridge. The corseted tank looks great paired with a summer scarf or by itself. Throw a flower in your hair and you are set with the most current look for the season.

If you are looking for something great to pair with leggings and again a summer scarf, this burnout tank/tunic is perfect.
The color is playful and versatile.
Notice the feather clip in the hair. If it isn't a flower, feathers seem to do the trick this season too.

This dress has been so popular, some of you may have already purchased one. It is the perfect piece for spring, summer, fall and winter, but since we are going in to summer, we are showing how fabulous it is paired with a scarf, clutch and the perfect necklace.
I am telling you, this dress looks great on EVERYONE.

This outfit combines so many elements and the result is a really great look.
The vest is very simple and is just the right amount of color. I am in love with the double braided leather belt too. I personally picked out the vintage one of a kind scarf and if someone doesn't buy it soon, I think I will add it to my own collection. It is a great piece.

This shirt is a store favorite. It is the perfect piece to wear to dinner, a concert, BBQ, you can't lose. The cut is great on any body type and comes in orange, navy and gold.
Check out the bangles and cool yellow clutch. It makes me want to find an occasion to dress up.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Courtney Fischer

Looking for a way to accent all of those new back to school outfits? You will love the jewelry we carry from Courtney Fischer.

Her earrings are charming, playful, and elegant all at the same time.

I own a pair or two myself!

Handmade Jewelry by Courtney Fischer.
Ever since I can remember, I have had a love of jewelry, when I was younger I would spend hours trying on my Grandmother's jewelry.

After college, I moved to Chicago and could not find unique jewelry that was affordable, so I started making it..
An ideal day for me is spent creating and drinking coffee!
I have always liked being creative and working with my hands. Photography is another passion of mine. Pairing unique colors and texture are two of the main elements I use to create one of a kind, handmade jewelry.

Inspiration comes in a lot of ways, vintage beads, old movies, photography, and nature- to name a few.

In my designs, I strive to create jewelry that is expressive, unique, and fun. I tend to make pieces that I would like to wear and hope you would too.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

All of you animal lovers out there will appreciate the featured artist this week.
In addition to having great accessories for you, fawn now carries collars for your favorite pooch.

I am happy to introduce you to Lucky Fiona.
These dog collars are so fantastic!
Come check them out!

Shannon Barry (a.k.a. Company “Head Bitch”) is the gal behind the colorful collars at Lucky Fiona.

A little custom collar company based out of her home studio in the western Chicago suburbs, her goal is to create unique and conversation-starting dog and cat collars from vintage reproduction and retro inspired fabrics.

Her first stuffed animal was a green dog she named Wiggly Tail at the age of 4. A New York native and lover of all things vintage with a weakness for kitsch, Shannon remembers as an eight year old leafing through her Mother’s 1957 high school yearbook and longing to wear cat eye sunglasses and pretty patterned neck scarves tied in a knot instead of polyester slacks and matching vests. A child of the 1970’s polyester was part of a painful fashion-childhood.

Her mother was an accomplished seamstress and crafter but as part of her teen rebellion Shannon paid a classmate with bags of Doritos to sew all her projects in Home Ec and thought sewing was “totally uncool” and questioned when in her life she would ever need a sewing machine.

In high school she saw a William Wegman exhibit in Greenwich Village that changed the ways she saw dogs and fashion that left an indelible mark on her. She studied art history and photography in college and married her high school sweetheart Alex (“The Man Behind the Bitch”) who is the official silent - and sometimes not so silent - partner of Lucky Fiona. Moving about the country with her husband’s career Shannon ran away quickly from her Seattle desk job in 1996 after an epiphany to work with animals.

She trained as a veterinary technician and worked in the field for close to 10 years ending her traditional work history as a hospital director of a large clinic in the Chicagoland region. In her quest to mix animals and careers she also started and ran a very successful suburban pet sitting service where she could easily get her fix dressing up dogs and photographing them much to the glee of her human clients.

One constant was accessorizing her own dogs with collars that matched their personalities. Frustrated at the lack of variety/uniqueness in commercial dogwear she decided to start a new company working with retro fabrics she loved and giving her own beloved pooches something special to wear to the dog park.

Over the years she and Alex rescued many dogs, 3 Irish Setters and in 2006 they rescued Fiona their first English Setter. Taken from a high kill shelter, Alex often called her “Lucky Fiona” and our company muse was created. Remembering where Fiona came from is part of the company passion and each month collars and proceeds are donated to various animal fundraisers and humane causes across the United States.

Shannon regrets not paying more attention in high school sewing and finishing her own projects. Her penance is sewing each and every Lucky Fiona collar as made to order. Lucky Fiona collars are made with love for people who share their lives with their beloved animal companions. Each is as unique and special as the dogs who wear them.

In 10 years Shannon sees herself still working with dogs and cats, living near the ocean and not regretting any of her tattoos.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Featured Artist

Are you looking for the perfect end of summer/back to school clothes?
Look no further. Hende has become one of our most popular lines at fawn.

Designer Holly Wren Spaulding really has her finger on the pulse of current fashion intertwined with art.
Her pieces are charming and wearable.

Also....If you happen to be on the prowl for the perfect baby gift or want to make sure your own offspring is clad in the sweetest/hip onsies, check out her baby line.

So cute. Please welcome Hende...

The name Hende is derived from the Hände, the German word for "Hands." In Middle English Hende also meant "noble, graceful, clever and beautiful."

Hende is a line of clothing inspired by the natural world, and brought to life by Holly Wren Spaulding.

Although her education and first calling was creative writing, she grew up with artists for parents and has always enjoyed Making things with her hands.

Hende is part of a growing handmade movement that is re-establishing relationships between those who create, and those who appreciate unique pieces that are direct from the artist, and very often “one-of-a-kind.” It is just one way to bring a little beauty into our daily lives.

Hende believes in good design, quality craft and materials that tread lightly on this earth. Hende makes small batches of thoughtfully brewed garments for those who are tired of mass-market, disposable fashion.

In addition to Hende, Holly divides her time between her writing desk, the college where she teaches poetry, and her printing and sewing studios.

She has spent many years as a community activist and organizer on issues ranging from the defense of the water commons to human rights and economic justice. She also appears in (and was a consultant on) the new feature documentary FLOW: For Love of Water, which will be released in theaters in September. Her first collection of poems, The Grass Impossibly, was released in April.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Featured Artist

Welcome back to the fawn blog!

This week I am going to tell you about artist Jessi Taylor.
Her creations are great at a glance, but if you take a closer look you can see and appreciate the detail in her work.
Jessi has been known to create texture by, in her own words,"taking a piece of silver outside and hammering it on the concrete..."
The result of that technique is featured below:

Who knew?

Check out Jessi Taylor!

I'm obsessed with making stuff, and i make stuff all the time. but what really gets me going is when i can make a PILE of something... collaged cards, oatmeal cookies, sterling silver rings set with typewriter buttons... then i like to lay them all out and gloat over my hoard!!
I've been silversmithing off
and on for about ten years.

- first took a few metalsmithing classes at my local community college, then took about 6 years off to travel and screw around.

i settled down and got serious four years ago and enrolled in the university of Washington, and in 2006 received a bachelor of fine arts (bfa) in metals. i love school! i quit my day job later that year, and haven't looked back since.

my goal is to make interesting, wearable, quality jewelry. i often work with natural stones, found objects and alternative materials, and i just love plain ol' metal.

i also get really into creating stories about my jewelry: wher
e it could have been, where it will go, or what it is in tribute to...

everything is made of sterling silver (and sometimes a little gold), and everything is handmade by me - no two things are exactly the same.

recently, i've been really liking it when something retains the marks of construction on it; so lots of my pieces still have hammer marks, wonky shapes and little imperfections. this is one way that makes each piece as unique as its wearer!

a couple of notes about materials:

i like to work with the real deal

*all metals that you see will be solid silver or gold (and sometimes a little bit o' copper), and will be labeled as such. i've switched suppliers and am now using metal that is 100% recycled (not mined)!

*same goes for stones; they're all natural, not lab-created. in a lot of cases, i get really good deals on stones that are not flawless... in fact, many are totally full of weird bits and pieces of detritus that give them tons of character! or wonky cuts, inconsistent colors and teensy chips! this allows me to give you a good deal on handmade goodness, and also to use beautiful, imperfect stones that otherwise would be wasted. win-win-win!!

*i also use a lot of random materials, since one of my favorite things EVER is bezel-setting whatever i set my fancy on...