Saturday, April 26, 2008

Artist Natalie Wedeking

This week our featured artist is Natalie Wedeking of Brooklyn, N.Y.
Natalie's rings, earrings, hairpins and necklaces are inspiring works of art.

In Natalie's own words....

In addition to creating jewelry, I am a self-employed package/graphic designer in Brooklyn, NYC. I design food and beverage packaging, paper goods and all kinds of other things for a variety of clients.

I've been making jewelry for myself and friends for years; I started taking it more seriously, as a focused line, about a year ago. I've been working with polymer clay, off and on, for the past 15 years and now I'm excited about combining it with metal, leather and other materials.

Graphic mixed-media. I combine leather, metal, plastic, glass, stone and polymer clay to make my jewelry. I like to keep things colorful. Polymer clay, the way I use it, lends itself to abstract florals and flat, graphic patterns like woodgrain. I layer it almost like paint, often very precisely and geometrically, but in flattening and finishing a piece, the nature of the clay takes over and the end results are unpredictable and very interesting.

Good package design, poster art, old marimekko patterns, William Morris wallpapers, Scandinavian folk art, prefab housing, old book covers, vintage signage - pretty much anything made before 1975. And the things I love in graphic design - flat color, patterning, unusual color combinations - show up in my jewelry.

Natalie's work is a great addition to our store! Come see it in person!

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