Sunday, July 20, 2008

This weeks featured artist

Okay, this week I am happy to tell all of you about some amazing vintage pieces that have found their way to fawn.

Jenilee Gracey is a local artist who can take something as simple as a white slip, add some color, and make it a one of a kind dress that you will not want to conceal.
They are light weight and look great paired with sandals, heels, a tank top - you decide.

Come slip one on! (Couldn't resist)

Meet Jenilee.....

My name is Jenilee Gracey.
I grew up in Moab, UT and now live in the Ogden, UT area.
I have a wonderful husband named Nathan.
We have a fish, a cat named Ninja and 6 of her week old kittens, and a snake named Monkey.

This is a little hobby of mine---
I go hunting for vintage slips, and then put a modern twist on them.

They each are truly one of a kind.
Creation of all consists of a balance of deliberateness and surprise!

They simply don't make things like they used to.

That was part of the inspiration of using these vintage slips.

Beauty like that needs not be hidden under clothes!

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