Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Greetings from Park City!
It has been a while since we posted last, and so much has happened!
I am posting some pictures from the photo shoot that took place showcasing some of our great summer clothes and Jewelry.

For those of you who don't know, we moved to Park City from Salt Lake City in late December.
It has been a perfect fit and we have decided to stay.

This model is showing off a pair of our sassy shorts on the town lift bridge. The corseted tank looks great paired with a summer scarf or by itself. Throw a flower in your hair and you are set with the most current look for the season.

If you are looking for something great to pair with leggings and again a summer scarf, this burnout tank/tunic is perfect.
The color is playful and versatile.
Notice the feather clip in the hair. If it isn't a flower, feathers seem to do the trick this season too.

This dress has been so popular, some of you may have already purchased one. It is the perfect piece for spring, summer, fall and winter, but since we are going in to summer, we are showing how fabulous it is paired with a scarf, clutch and the perfect necklace.
I am telling you, this dress looks great on EVERYONE.

This outfit combines so many elements and the result is a really great look.
The vest is very simple and is just the right amount of color. I am in love with the double braided leather belt too. I personally picked out the vintage one of a kind scarf and if someone doesn't buy it soon, I think I will add it to my own collection. It is a great piece.

This shirt is a store favorite. It is the perfect piece to wear to dinner, a concert, BBQ, you can't lose. The cut is great on any body type and comes in orange, navy and gold.
Check out the bangles and cool yellow clutch. It makes me want to find an occasion to dress up.

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