Thursday, June 5, 2008

This week, Fawn is happy to present Tiffany Brassard.

Tiffany's jewelry line is a customer favorite at Fawn. Her designs are unique, bright and creative.
They have been referred to as the "perfect" piece more than once.

Meet Tiffany!

SAEE are the initials of my four awesome kids! I am a stay at home mom of one teenager, twins, and a boy toddler.

Making jewelry is my outlet and my time for ME!

I became a stay at home mom due to the fact that my twin girls were born with severe disabilities. They are blind, spastic quad, tube-fed, wheelchair bound and despite everything Dr's told us at birth...they are now five years old.

I started making jewelry about a year ago and it has become my outlet and has been very therapeutic for me.

I use a lot of new materials but love using found items in my creations.

I love simple, unique and one of a kinds.

My husband and I recently relocated to Tuscaloosa, AL from Vicksburg, MS and we are loving it here!


L Breeden said...

All Tiffany's pieces are so beautiful and unique! She has a true gift. I would highly reccomend her work! View, buy, and enjoy!!!!

Laughing Fawn said...
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