Monday, June 9, 2008

Faceoff Design Studios

This week I am happy to introduce all of you to a product line that I find truly inspiring. I appreciate designer Calvin Cox for his commitment to using his artistic voice to elicit change. His designs are passionately creative, and are a peaceful way to inspire shifts in our thinking and in our world. Fawn is proud to carry and sell products from Faceoff Design Studios.

Faceoff Design Studios About The Designer
Faceoff Design Studios is a Fashion Apparel Company whose f
ocus is primarily graphic design. Graphics that tend to reveal the truth about our world both overtly and covertly depending on how receptive you are to the message. The owner likes to describe the company as “A Graphic Statement of Social Revolution”. Faceoff Design Studios was founded by Calvin Cox, a New York Fashion Designer and a Fashion Institute of Technology Alumni. His influence and candid creativity stems from his exposure to the colorful truth he calls New York City. His pieces reveal the true essence of the human condition and tries to reveal and cure the short comings of our immediate preoccupation of the status quo.

With T-shirts with themes like “Freem
an” and “Live Fashion Love Life” emblazed on the shirts, Calvin believes that positive reinforcement of a better time and place will lead to a manifestation of such phases for the person that wears it and for the people that see it.

“I like to know when people wear my clothing, and look in the mirror that they are reinforced of their purpose in life” says Calvin. Other well received graphic tees are “Natural High, I live Fashion” and “Freeman World”.

Faceoff Design Studios once a local company now has a national and international following. Calvin is a creative entrepreneur at heart and is currently working on a new project for creative talent call A community for creative professionals and companies coming together, networking and sharing ideas and resources. Designers and Artists can create design portfolios to showcase their work and find new projects and career opportunities. He continues to push the envelope of what is creatively possible and is adamant about changing the world one tee shirt at a time.

For more information visit or contact him at

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Love that butterfly camo tee! Thanks, Heather and Somer for doing such a fantastic job with Fawn!
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