Friday, August 1, 2008

Featured Artist

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This week I am going to tell you about artist Jessi Taylor.
Her creations are great at a glance, but if you take a closer look you can see and appreciate the detail in her work.
Jessi has been known to create texture by, in her own words,"taking a piece of silver outside and hammering it on the concrete..."
The result of that technique is featured below:

Who knew?

Check out Jessi Taylor!

I'm obsessed with making stuff, and i make stuff all the time. but what really gets me going is when i can make a PILE of something... collaged cards, oatmeal cookies, sterling silver rings set with typewriter buttons... then i like to lay them all out and gloat over my hoard!!
I've been silversmithing off
and on for about ten years.

- first took a few metalsmithing classes at my local community college, then took about 6 years off to travel and screw around.

i settled down and got serious four years ago and enrolled in the university of Washington, and in 2006 received a bachelor of fine arts (bfa) in metals. i love school! i quit my day job later that year, and haven't looked back since.

my goal is to make interesting, wearable, quality jewelry. i often work with natural stones, found objects and alternative materials, and i just love plain ol' metal.

i also get really into creating stories about my jewelry: wher
e it could have been, where it will go, or what it is in tribute to...

everything is made of sterling silver (and sometimes a little gold), and everything is handmade by me - no two things are exactly the same.

recently, i've been really liking it when something retains the marks of construction on it; so lots of my pieces still have hammer marks, wonky shapes and little imperfections. this is one way that makes each piece as unique as its wearer!

a couple of notes about materials:

i like to work with the real deal

*all metals that you see will be solid silver or gold (and sometimes a little bit o' copper), and will be labeled as such. i've switched suppliers and am now using metal that is 100% recycled (not mined)!

*same goes for stones; they're all natural, not lab-created. in a lot of cases, i get really good deals on stones that are not flawless... in fact, many are totally full of weird bits and pieces of detritus that give them tons of character! or wonky cuts, inconsistent colors and teensy chips! this allows me to give you a good deal on handmade goodness, and also to use beautiful, imperfect stones that otherwise would be wasted. win-win-win!!

*i also use a lot of random materials, since one of my favorite things EVER is bezel-setting whatever i set my fancy on...

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