Thursday, August 7, 2008

Featured Artist

Are you looking for the perfect end of summer/back to school clothes?
Look no further. Hende has become one of our most popular lines at fawn.

Designer Holly Wren Spaulding really has her finger on the pulse of current fashion intertwined with art.
Her pieces are charming and wearable.

Also....If you happen to be on the prowl for the perfect baby gift or want to make sure your own offspring is clad in the sweetest/hip onsies, check out her baby line.

So cute. Please welcome Hende...

The name Hende is derived from the Hände, the German word for "Hands." In Middle English Hende also meant "noble, graceful, clever and beautiful."

Hende is a line of clothing inspired by the natural world, and brought to life by Holly Wren Spaulding.

Although her education and first calling was creative writing, she grew up with artists for parents and has always enjoyed Making things with her hands.

Hende is part of a growing handmade movement that is re-establishing relationships between those who create, and those who appreciate unique pieces that are direct from the artist, and very often “one-of-a-kind.” It is just one way to bring a little beauty into our daily lives.

Hende believes in good design, quality craft and materials that tread lightly on this earth. Hende makes small batches of thoughtfully brewed garments for those who are tired of mass-market, disposable fashion.

In addition to Hende, Holly divides her time between her writing desk, the college where she teaches poetry, and her printing and sewing studios.

She has spent many years as a community activist and organizer on issues ranging from the defense of the water commons to human rights and economic justice. She also appears in (and was a consultant on) the new feature documentary FLOW: For Love of Water, which will be released in theaters in September. Her first collection of poems, The Grass Impossibly, was released in April.

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